USAP Spotlight: Student-Athlete Neka Ben Bukasa

My name is Neka Ben Bukasa and I am an Upper Six student at USAP Community School. As a student-athlete, my experience has been nothing short of transformative. Balancing a rigorous academic curriculum with my passion for physical sports has been both challenging and rewarding. From excelling as a National U21 and U66Kg Judo champion to coming up in the top three at all the 2024 ATS Interschool Cross Country events, with eighty to hundred runners, my time at USAP has been instrumental in shaping me into the athlete and scholar I am today.

Neka posing for a picture after recieving a gold medal at the National Judo Championship

I attribute my success as a student-athlete at USAPCS to the encouraging environment provided by the school. The coaches, teachers, and staff at USAPCS have always been there to encourage and guide me in pursuing my athletic goals while excelling academically. Whether it was adjusting my training schedule to accommodate exams or providing extra support during busy competition seasons, the support system at USAPCS has been invaluable.

Neka and the USAPCS Cross Country Team Warming up at a ATS Interschool Cross-Country Competition

Balancing the demands of a rigorous academic curriculum with the time-intensive nature of physical sports like Judo and cross country has taught me valuable lessons in time management, discipline, and perseverance. At USAPCS, I have learned how to prioritize my commitments, stay organized, and balance academics and athletics. The school’s flexible approach to scheduling and its emphasis on holistic development has allowed me to thrive both in the classroom and on the field. 

Neka, Peace, Dingani and Hullibutton at the Simbisa, HAC, USAP Run

The education here at USAP Community School has helped me follow my dreams and exploit my potential regardless of where I am. The school’s supportive environment, emphasis on balancing academics and athletics, and focus on holistic development have played a crucial role in shaping me into the successful athlete and scholar that I am today. I look forward to continuing as a student-athlete throughout my remaining time here at USAPCS and in college.

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