USAPCS: The Library Art Concert

The Library Art Concert is an initiative introduced by a group of four students at the USAP Community School in 2023. This open mic event, held every Friday, offers a unique platform for students to showcase their talents, fostering creativity, self-expression, and a sense of community on campus.

The idea for the Library Art Concert was born from the students’ desire to create a space where they could share their artistic talents with their peers while enjoying the beginning of their refreshing weekend. Inspired by the open mics and other events like the NPR Tiny desk,  the group of students proposed the idea to the school administration, who wholeheartedly supported the initiative. The administration recognized the importance of providing students with opportunities to express themselves creatively, and the Library Art Concert was born.

The Library Art Concert takes place every Friday in the school’s Library. Students sign up to perform, and each act is given a specific time slot. The event is open to all students, regardless of their level of artistic skill. Performances can include singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or even reciting poetry. The event is filmed and posted on YouTube, allowing students’ talents to reach a broader audience. Behind the scenes of the concert is a committe. The first committe consisted of four members, Trust Munopa, Anesu Mugoni, Moreblessing Banda and Tinayeishe Manyanhaire who have a strong appreciation of art.

The first Library Art Concert Audience

The Library Art Concert has had a profound impact on the students at the USAP Community School. It has provided them with a safe and supportive environment in which to express themselves, boosting their self-confidence and fostering a sense of community. Students who may not have had the opportunity to perform in front of an audience have found a welcoming space to share their talents. Additionally, the event has inspired students to explore new artistic avenues, leading to the development of new skills and interests.

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