USAP Perspectives: To Make Them Count

Had I been told that I would be enriching my mind in one of Philadelphia’s quiet suburbs, I would have deemed that prophecy a faux pax. Had I been told that I would lead a life of Independence 10,000 miles away from home, I would have scoffed at the thought.

Nonetheless, the desire to learn more than the brain could ever hold has got me here. My fears have been confirmed and my expectations realized. Yes, I am amidst a new people. Even the air is new, but that is not what troubles me. My fear is I will grow to love this place too much.

I have only been in this land for a month and I am already starting to belong. From the acceptance letter to this very day, no stone has been left unturned to ensure that every fresh”woman” settles in comfortably at Bryn Mawr College. It is truly amazing to see how all the different races there are in the world are represented on such a small campus, an oasis from our intolerant world. Furthermore, there is the tranquility that prevails amongst a group of women who represent diversity in all her aspects.

I have been challenged from the first day I journeyed from my home in Bulawayo to arrive in here in Philadelphia. My expectations have been realized already: different people, new food, vibrant cultures and varied learning methods.

All of the resources have been availed to me in the form of writing centers, career advisors, life coaches, friends and family. My challenge is clear: to make them count.

Vimbai Mawoneke is a USAP alum from Mpopoma High School in Bulawayo.  She is a first year student at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania.

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