USAPCS at just ended COP28UAE

Torindwanashe Chizura and Kudakwashe Chikovo, USAPCS alumni, represented a 5-student group project nominated for the Global High School’s Zayed Sustainability Prize competition. Sewenet Haile, their faculty accompanied them during their attendance at the COP28UAE event. The following accounts detail their journey and experiences. November 27th brought a mix of excitement and nerves as we embarked … Continue reading USAPCS at just ended COP28UAE

Brave Spaces: Opening Plenary at CIS Global Forum 2019

On November 20, 2019 in Bilbao, Spain, Education Matters Director Rebecca Zeigler Mano gave the opening plenary address at the CIS Global Forum.  Below is the full text of her speech titled “Brave Spaces.”   Good morning! It is an incredible frankly daunting honor to speak in front of a room full of amazing colleagues, … Continue reading Brave Spaces: Opening Plenary at CIS Global Forum 2019

Broadening horizons- My gap year experience

I remember how exuberant I was during the period I was doing my college applications, in my final high school year. What excited me the most was the thought of getting admitted into an international university in the US. I was then struck by reality when three of the four colleges I applied to rejected … Continue reading Broadening horizons- My gap year experience

Expanding Horizons – Education Matters Book Club

As I flipped through the final pages of Chimamanda Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus, I could not wait for the last Friday of March to arrive. Each page had issues worth discussing, and I wondered how amazing it would be doing so with the exceptional and interesting members of our Education Matters Book Club. Unfortunately, I could … Continue reading Expanding Horizons – Education Matters Book Club

Reflections: Focus On That Which Matters

In Zimbabwe the jacarandas are blooming, better known as “exam trees,” marking the start of O, AS and A level exam season by blanketing the streets with their purple blossoms. And so it’s also the advent of application season, with students agonizing over every word of their college applications, trying to find a magical formula for “getting … Continue reading Reflections: Focus On That Which Matters

Reflections: The Spark

Every high school student applying to selective U.S. universities is seeking that magic formula that will land them a golden ticket – admission with the amount of financial assistance they need to attend.  They seek an elusive elixir of grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, leadership positions and the ultimate captivating and compelling essay.   I can’t count … Continue reading Reflections: The Spark

Reflections: Education Does Matter

There are multiple true life stories of the power of education to lift a talented young person from poverty and powerlessness to a point of making a major impact on his or her family, community, even nation.  We may watch these stories in movies, read them in books or discover them online. However, once you meet an empowered … Continue reading Reflections: Education Does Matter