Partner Spotlight: Oak Foundation

The Oak Foundation in Zimbabwe is an international foundation with a branch in Zimbabwe that funds local non-profit organizations involved in supporting the hopes and aspirations of Zimbabweans, particularly those furthest from opportunity. They have seven global and four-country programs with grant-making aimed at supporting others to make the world a safer, fairer, and more sustainable place to live. 

For the past two years, Education Matters has been an Oak Foundation beneficiary.  We are grateful for their generous support towards the operational costs of USAP Community School that contribute to the costs of examination fees, academic support, extracurricular activities, and the health and wellness of our extraordinary students. We have recently submitted a new grant request to the Oak Foundation to continue our partnership in the name of inclusive and equitable education that transforms the lives of youth in Zimbabwe and through our Capstone Fellowship and Zimbabwe Career Connect Programs allows them to make meaningful change in their home communities. 

Another wonderful aspect of our partnership with the Oak Foundation is that some of our USAP Community School graduates are interning during their college holidays with other Oak partners, including Uncommon, Friendship Bench, Agricultural Partnerships Trust (APT), and Agricultural Research Farm (ART). Currently, two USAP alumni, who returned to Zimbabwe after obtaining degrees in Computer Science from Brown and Harvard Universities, are also employed at Uncommon.

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