Zimbabwe has untapped sporting potential exhibited in the levels our high school athletes achieve locally and internationally.  One of the best ways students can develop their sporting talent to a higher level while studying at a top college or university is through earning sports scholarships in the United States. Often what stands between student athletes and sports scholarships is verification of talent, exposure and information.

Chengetayi Mapaya of St George’s College has been successful in the NCAA National Championships while studying at Texas Christian University,

The Student Athlete Cohort guides a group of A level students who are national in their sports through the full process including creating a compelling sports cv, contacting and communicating with coaches, and verifying talent through electronically timed track or swim events, statistics and game videos.  Note that we are not agents and do not represent athletes – rather we guide them through the process of applying for sporting scholarships while applying to universities using their academic qualifications.

SAC member Sarah Bryony Hawgood made National D3 Cross Country Championships during her first season at St Olaf College.
SAC member Sarah Bryony Hawgood made National D3 Cross Country Championships during her first season at St Olaf College.

Our 2019-20 cohort of top student athletes across sporting disciplines are currently writing A level, approaching coaches and applying to colleges .  The criteria to apply for cohort membership are:

  • Students are in good academic standing with solid O levels and passes in all subjects who are in L6 or U6.
  • Students are highly accomplished in their sport, having reached Provincial or National level,
  • Students are not working with any other agents or consultants on their sports scholarship process. Students accepted into the cohort are recommended to also apply to be EducationUSA members at their local EducationUSA office in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru or Mutare.

The first four years of the cohort, which began as a partnership between SSN and EducationUSA, and moved to Education Matters in 2016, have witnessed impressive success in assisting Zimbabwean students earn scholarships at NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 schools for their talents in a wide range of sports including rowing, track and field, rugby, women’s hockey, women’s basketball, soccer, water polo, swimming, tennis, cycling, triathlon and golf.

The 2021 Student Athlete Cohort application is currently ongoing. To apply please complete the 2021 Student Athlete Cohort application form. To organize a consultation, please email alex@edmattersafrica.org. Appointments are strictly by appointment on Friday afternoons between 2-5pm.